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Dr. Embree is offering this blog as a resource to our patients and the community. We hope that this blog will cover subjects that you and your family may be interested in.

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Manage Bruxism by Managing Your Stress
Posted on 7/20/2018 by Sandra Embree
Do you suffer from bruxism? This condition occurs when you grind your teeth. Some people may do this unconsciously while awake and asleep. Others started grinding their teeth and now it's a habit. Either way, it's bad for your teeth! For most people, bruxism gets worse when they're stressed out. In fact, your bruxism may rarely occur when you're not under stress, but as soon as something begins to put pressure on you, you start grinding away. What can you do about this? Relaxation TechniquesIf you want to save your teeth from damage from bruxism, you need to learn how to relax. It's much easier said than done, of course, but there are a number of different techniques you can try. Some people find meditation to be relaxing. They sit still and let their minds wander, relaxing as they let their cares go for a little while. For others, yoga is a better option. Sitting still and focusing on breathing isn't easy for some people, but moving through the various stretches and poses of yoga or tai chi gives them something else to focus on. If moving doesn't work for you, how about letting someone else deal with your stress? A nice, long massage by a professional may be just the thing you need to work out all of the knots that your muscles have tightened themselves into. Of course, the best way of dealing with stress is to deal with whatever is causing it. That's not always easy, but it can be done. If work is stressing you out, talk to your supervisor about getting some help or providing additional resources. If your stress is caused by a relationship, finances, or health, there are therapists and counselors you can talk to who specialize in these areas. Remember, also, that if you're grinding your teeth a lot that you're causing damage. If you're suffering from bruxism, call us today to schedule an appointment so we can make sure you don't have any dental issues we need to deal with....

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